Way of earn

There are six ways of earning in SFI:

1.DIRECT COMMISSIONS-direct earnings acquired through advertising other people's products with TripleClicks, ie 65% of the profits go to you.

2.Executive POOL - collecting Versa Points. More points you collect, you will have a larger share of the profits from the Executive Pool.

3.CO-SPONSOR COMMISSIONS- you get 15% commission from your CSA members activity og Tripleclicks.

4. TCREDIT BONUS- TC loans are designed to take advantage of all the benefits of TripleClicks and so progress in work. With the TC loans can play games and win prizes, bid at auctions and buy products with significantly lower prices.

5.ECA refferal SCHEDULE: using this program you can open your own online store or recommend legal and natural persons that you create over your web store and also earn a commission of their actual sales.

6. SFI PAY-PER-ACTION-represents bringing new members who will be registered in the SFI but will not be in your team (work for you) but you will only benefit from them what time you get for each member 12 -  5$ .

You can choose one way for earn or combine different ways that fit you the best!

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